kingtxgami asked:

I saw your reply and I'll reply back later because I'm a bit busy at the moment. And I didn't tag or directly reply because I didn't want to directly call you out because that would be an aggressive move and I really don't like accidentally starting drama. I'm glad you like discussions though, that makes things less tense. You have some very interesting points! It's good to question common opinions of characters I just read into the negative comments on some a little too much, I think.

arogintoki answered:

what you did was still a pretty agressive move i’d say seeing as you accused me of not doing research. *shrug*

i tag things when i want discussion when i’m pretty sure none of my followers will ever grant me that. and yeah i guess you read to much on my comments or probably didnt read thoroughly because the things you called me out on like my fourth and fifth points didnt really refute my arguments more like supported them.


It came off as really aggressive towards other people’s headcanons and headcanon bashing (especially when justification isn’t amply given, just critiquing without any explanation BEHIND why the critique was made) really sets off my nerves so it was aggressive while also trying to avoid potential drama. I wanted to give you a choice on whether you replied or not.

I don’t know you and didn’t know how you would react, and my point wasn’t to refute your opinions it was to stop the bashing of possibilities.

I’m all for people having their own headcanons, and you’ve made a few more posts that site where you got the information and what explains your headcanons and they’re really neat.

I just don’t like it when possibilities are bashed or denied, so my post’s reason was to point out why people think certain ways, why certain ideas are popular, and why some of the critiques you made weren’t precisely canon, just opinion. Granted you labeled it as an opinion post so that was to be expected, but quite a lot of it came off AS aggressive bashing.

Which, I suppose wasn’t your intention.

Regardless, my point stands that I am not one to refute another person’s headcanons when they put the work in and justify it amply for themselves, in fact I was trying to point out how certain things are open to ones interpretation (such as the reading aspect, or Togami’s personality and view of tradition).

So of course it wouldn’t refute what you had to say in terms of your actual views of the character, I wasn’t intending to and still don’t intend to. I just wanted to point out that not everything is solid and there’s so much up there open to interpretation with the character, while also pointing out the common justification for certain headcanons for the character, not all of which are my views of him.

I actually agree with you that he is very utilitarian with things, in fact I’ve written a few analysis on him and his view of his title and the misconception dealing with how the fandom views him in relation to money…I just don’t think denying the possibility that he likes reading in and of itself is a definite claim, even if its justified that he likes it for its cannot deny that such  isn’t the only source of entertainment found in it.

i’m putting this in my side-blog bc it’s darn long

well looking back i guess it did come off as aggressive and to certain extent i can say that being aggresive was the intention. and i’m not really familiar with all tumblr etiquette/courtesy so i can now see why you chose to not directly engage me in a, er, debate.

i’m not bashing the possiblities of how people interpret togami. in fact, i encourage all kinds of possibility and diversity and view that as the best scenario. hence, the reason why i decided to post that because the headcanons are becoming repetitive and boring. i know why people headcanon things as such. i’ve been in this fandom long enough to know why they almost always correlate thing A to thing B. like togami’s mother for example. i know they hc her as european bc togami’s blonde and blonde is a recessive gene that is most commonly found in europeans but i certainly think we can go far beyond that. people are stuck in the popular hc and can’t seem to get away with it. like there’s a possibility that togamom is mixed and not just plain white european. or maybe togamom is a white american or canadian or south african. there’s also a possibility that togamom isn’t even white or mixed but black because there are black people that naturally have blonde hair (togami might’ve just inherited the skin tone of his father). but no, people relate the idea of high class blondies with europe and can’t think outside of it.

well the intention was critique (albeit really agressive lol) and some unpopular opinions but i guess since i didn’t give much detail and just plain said ‘you people are boring asses that can’t think for yourselves to save your lives’ it did came off as bashing and not a constructive criticism which was my aim. lol i never was a nice person and that’s probably why i identify with togami the most. 

my take on togami’s personality and views on tradition are nothing but opinions and an unpopular one at that and i ever did say it was definite bc y’know i put opinion on top of the post. again, i have my own reasons in doing so and it’s my fault anyway that i didnt clarify that bc now this looks like a trainwreck of misunderstanding

re: togami and books i also have a good reason why i dont think he reads for pleasure. i think his every move is calculated, no time and effort wasted. in his school mode, one constant thing i noticed is that he constantly becomes angry when you waste his time so i think he never sets aside time for ‘leisure’ in the commoner view of things which brings me to the childhood hc. i think there’s this general consensus that togami was a happy, nice normal kid before he got thrown into the fighting his siblings thing thereby making him cold. and there’s also some headcanons of physical abuse floating around (though now i’m not too sure, these popular hc are from way back when i was still v active in the fandom). i think it’s just cheap tasteless tragedy porn. i never liked that much tbh. i think highly unrealistic expectations and emotional neglect is enough to make a person grow cold. with those two, i think togami never had the time to develop emotionally. he constantly have to push himself to the limit. though again, i’m not saying that this is the only way to view his childhood. all i’m saying is for people to cut out on that forced tragedy bullshit. 

it did seem like you were trying to refute my claims seeing as you tried to give me canon proofs that would go against my hc and told me to read school mode before i tell people about my hc

tldr; the reason i posted those unpopular opinions is to give an alternative to this mainstream views because the main stream views are just plain boring at this point. i’m not saying that these should be the way the fandom should see because if it that would happen i would scream.